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How to plan a corporate event

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

What do all corporate event types have in common? They all reflect the goals of a specific company and aim at realising these goals by gathering people in one place. Here is a comprehensive corporate planning checklist that you can refer to when building events of any size and format:

Pick a strategic location.

This rule applies to any corporate event format. No matter who your audience is, people want to feel comfortable at your event’s location. Whether it’s a traditional hotel ballroom or a modern art gallery, make sure it’s nicely located and in line with your guests’ needs.

Align clients’ goals with event activities.

The ultimate goal of product launch events is gaining good exposure. At employee appreciation meetings, it’s more about generating fun and memorable experiences. Focus on what’s important for your client to build more targeted corporate events.

Choose reliable event management software.

Implementing technology in your corporate events is no longer a “nice to have”. Pick event planning software that can give you more freedom through automation. With a focus on such tools as online registration, tech-powered onsite check-in, and detailed analytics, you can increase your productivity with lower labour and cost investments.

Build connections.

The success of your event pretty much depends on people who work on it. Whether you are a seasoned corporate event professional or an ambitious beginner, building a good network of reliable vendors and suppliers is your means of sharing responsibilities with people you can truly trust.


Email your contact base, create an attention-grabbing story that can be wrapped into social media posts or other marketing materials, and start promoting. There’s a misconception that event advertising should happen only before an event. In fact, there are many ways to drive exposure during an event as well. For example, many event professionals partner with media sponsors by inviting them to speak at a corporate meeting, which helps them gain extra publicity.

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