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Tips to arrange annual dinner party in Malaysia

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Be it a gala event, a charity function or your success party, the main attraction of your event will be the annual dinner theme. After All, dinner means snacks, main course meals, and luscious desserts and last but not the least, the amazing cocktails and drinks. Parties are nothing without a proper dinner and when it comes to create a perfection, planning of the event must be optimal in every essence.

Your annual dinner in Malaysia will be a way to get connected with the world, letting others know about your position in the corporate and social world. And if you are one of those popular mogul faces, then expect the paparazzi to crowd over in your event. Not a single mistake can be expected from your part, no matter how meager it is. In fact, your dinner event will reflect your taste, your choices and obviously your grandeur. So, planning of the event requires genius talent and thorough look out.

Now, if you are stuck with a busy schedule and cannot understand how to manage everything and make the dinner party a memorial event, then here we are to help you with some of the basic tips. However, always remember no matter what you do, your actions will be scrutinized so don’t let anything falter your choice of events and go ahead with your plans.

Book popular and grand venues

Venues matter a lot for an annual dinner party, especially when you want to become it a headline on the next day's newspaper, albeit in a good way though. The first thing that you have to look out is for the space. The hall should be spacious and well equipped with the necessities. You can choose an open field also for the dinner but that would be just a small one. Go for established venues since they provide with their exquisite services.

Decide the dinner menu strategically`

Consider the season first. Now it would be absurd if you keep many warm and hot dishes in the summer season. Also, make your dinner more attracting by including the seasonal cuisines because most of the people like to have that. Divide your dinner course in four parts- snacks, main course, desserts and wines.

Arrange a proper table setting

As it is a social event, go for tables of five to six person per table. Do not over crowd a particular section of the hall using the tables and chairs. Distribute them so that no table cab block another and even then, people can communicate. Keep the decorations minimum, with a vase of fresh flowers, paper napkins, and cutleries. Allow your event organizer to do the settings in a fashionable and unique way.

Consider arranging for an entertainment

Dinner without dancing is boring. Your guests will definitely look forward to dance with their partners or other people. Dancing in a party is actually considered to be an open invitation for social ties. So, don’t forget to hire a good event organizer who can deal with the entertainment section also.

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